Thursday, May 13, 2010

Jambo nyote!

I thought you all might like to have some sort of idea of where I will be this summer and what I am up to and all that...therefore, I will be updating this blog with the details of my adventures as often as the circumstances allow.

I will be traveling with my dear Swahili friends, Rehema, Juma, and Kweli to Kenya where we will be volunteering with the Education for the Future Foundation. Rehema and I will be living with our contact's mother on the coast of Lake Victoria in Kisumu, Kenya (just a few minutes walking distance from the school where we will be volunteering), and the boys will be about a half hour North of us in a town called Luanda.

The school where Rehema and I will be teaching is Migosi primary school. It is the most populated school in the country. This is about all we know for now, but I will be able to tell you more once we sit down and talk with Lucy when we arrive in Nairobi in 5 days!

So here is the schedule for now...Sunday night Rehema's dad will drive Rehema, Juma and me down to Toledo to catch a train to New York at 3am Monday morning (because Rehema has never been on a train and it is cheaper to fly out of JFK airport)! We will traipse around NYC for the night and board our plane to Kenya on the 18th. We will be staying in a hostel in Nairobi for a few days upon our arrival while we get information on the schools, get our malaria pills, and wait for Kweli to arrive. Anyways... don't expect an email until sometime later.

Tutaonana karibuni!


  1. Sounds great! You'll must have some great scenery around you being so close to the lake (great for pictures...), plus I'm sure that you're barely able to sleep right now.

    Safe travels!

  2. Karibu Kisumu Dala(Home),
    Tunafurahi kukua na wewe.
    na tuna kupenda.